Fred Rowan

Comedian • Musician • Impersonator • Writer

Fred is a mix. MCs introduce him as a stand up radio. His act mixes music and characters and gets stuck into people, popular singers, FM DJs, advertising voices and more.  His singing impersonations are described as jaw droppingly accurate. 

Fred has performed for around thirty years. He stuffed around in amateur theatre for a few years, then he and a couple of friends started Crimestoppers, a stand up act in 1991-3.  Then the “stand up radio” began. He went solo. He wrote and performed stand up shows across Australia throughout the nineties. It included seven Melbourne Comedy Festival shows in seven years from 1994 2000 – including Comedy Festival charity galas – two Adelaide Fringe festivals, a Melbourne Fringe Festival, a number of Christmas festival shows and  Happy Birthday Jesus with Rod Quantock and Linda Gibson in 1997. He also performed several shows in London in 1996.

In 1998 Fred recorded the album Wrong Said Fred. Four of the songs were released on CD. He recorded on Backberner. In 2004 he had a guest role in Kath an Kim. At the same time he recorded a backing track for Backberner. In 2011, he staged Welcome to Fred World at The Butterfly Club. He also wrote and recorded the satirical song Beware of the Dog Whistle with Peter Grace; a take on John Howard. This became a You Tube video, My Name’s Snoop Dagg written with Gerard McCulloch in 2007. It got 8,000 views. In 2013, he wrote and recorded The Ballad of Tony Abbott. 

Fred wrote, acted in and produced the show We’ll Kill ‘em Tonight for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2009. He wrote his first play Death of a Comedian, a comedy drama about the stand up comedy industry in Australia. It was produced by La Mama Theatre in November 2012


In 2013 Fred had a break from the industry and in 2016 returned to Stand-up.

In 2017 he staged the Melbourne Fringe Festival show Fake Reality.

He works professional stand-up rooms such as the Comics Lounge, Dave O’Neil’s Funhouse, the Mitcham Hotel, corporate gigs, the St Kilda Funhouse and performed at the Exford Hotel in the CBD where he-performed guest spots in the 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

Fred also performs a live Roy Orbison tribute act for private and public events.

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